Disruptive Technology Trading Program

Mosaic develops proprietary algorithmic “disruptive technology” trading systems designed to remove the emotional inefficiencies of discretionary trading. A number of the strategies are technological breakthroughs, as they utilize proprietary, unique, disruptive, mathematical formulas that have never been altered, tweaked or changed since inception. This provides an “all-weather” investment strategy that is 100% automated, and requires no human intervention or emotion in trading decision making.

Rather than focusing on optimizing profitability, Mosaic focuses on risk management strategies in an attempt to reduce drawdowns. Each software program executes according to “iron-clad” parameters and time intervals. We believe the use of multiple strategies and intervals offers reduced portfolio volatility and increased risk adjusted returns.

Mosaic Automation's sole reason for being is to develop and isolate distinct automated algorithmic strategies in which risk can be reduced to a level that is nearly impossible to manage outside of the digital arena.

The Company’s algorithms thrive on volatility which triggers our trading signals. Our systems remove human emotion and stock picking, as the computer generated trading signals automate the process.

The opportunity has never been stronger, nor has it been more-timely for disruption, as traditional fundamental traders continue to underperform, as global equity markets have continued increasing volatility.

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